Thursday, 28 October 2010

France, Brittany, Vilaine Estuary
ca. 550 Balearic Shearwater observed in Vilaine Estuary by Tom Brereton and Kate Lewis.

Cornwall, 1.2 nm SE of Porthcurno
6 Bottlenose Dolphin observed by Dave Paddock, skipper of Capriole, Penzance.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Cornwall, 20nm South of Penzance
Marinelife Targeted Survey: A pod of 12 Common Dolphin including 1 calf and a juvenile feeding in association with Gannets 10nm SSW of Lizard Point, 2 sightings of Harbour Porpoise, 2-3 Minke Whale 9nm off Lizard Point, Puffin, 4 European Storm-petrel, 2 Fulmar, a few Kittiwake including one being attached by a Great Skua, in addition to a number of Razorbill and Guillemot were recorded by Kathryn Driscoll and Richard Price on board Capriole, Penzance with skipper David Paddock. Sea state 0-2.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Cornwall, 9.8nm SSW of Lizard Point
1 Minke Whale (possible) seen at 14:30hrs by Dave Paddock, skipper of Capriole, Penzance.

Dorset, Portland Bill
Small flock of Grey Phalarope, small flock of Common Scoter, 100 Gannet and Mediterranean Gull recorded by Maggie Gamble during an Opportunistic Survey on Tiger Lily of Weymouth.

Cornwall, 1/2 mile South of Manacle Bell
2 Harbour Porpoise (probable) seen by Dan Gardner, skipper of Blue Pointer, Helford.

English Channel, ~40 nm SSE of Start Point
16 Great Skua, Arctic Skua, European Storm-petrel and 3 Little Gull (2 adults with a second-winter). Sightings reported by Mark Darlaston.
Little Gull (adult)
Little Gull (2nd Winter)
More images can be seen at Devon Bird News Blog.

Devon, Wembury
7 Bottlenose Dolphin seen close in off Wembury travelling west at approx. 07:15hrs. Sighting reported by Richard Billington.
Cornwall, Penzance to 20 miles South of Lands End
Marinelife Targeted Survey: 10-12 Bottlenose Dolphin feeding, 1 probable Minke Whale, 1 unidentified cetacean species, 3 Grey Seal, European Storm-petrel, 27 Great Skua and 34 Kittiwake recorded during a targeted survey on board Capriole with skipper David Paddock.

Cornwall, Penzance to Runnel Stone
A total of 14 Harbour Porpoise (including 2 juvenilles and 3 calves; some of these may have been repeat sightings). Seabird sightings included a passage of Kittiwake (some 1st years) were seen with a large group of Kittiwake stopping to feed close in shore to Lamorna. Lots of Razorbill were flying West along with a Puffin in Winter plumage.

Harbour Porpoise
The first sighting of Harbour Porpoise was near Lamorna cove consisting of 1 adult, 1 juvenille and a calf. Two other groups were spotted close in shore and within close range to each other so a possible dispersed pod of 5. Fish were later seen bumbling at the surface in the area. Further sightings of Harbour Porpoise were seen out at the Runnel Stone reef and then on the return journey. Sightings recorded by Kathryn Driscoll during a Marinelife Opportunistic Survey between 13:30 - 17:00 hrs with Marine Discovery Penzance.

Devon, nr Exmouth
1 Seal Species spotted at 16:17 on the way back from Starcross to Exmouth on the ferry. Sighting reported by Richard Edwards.
Cornwall, Penzance to Runnel Stone
1 Grey Seal, 1 possible Bottlenose Dolphin, 1 Harbour Porpoise. Seabirds included a few Black-headed Gull, Razorbill and a few Guillemot. Sightings recorded by Kathryn Driscoll during a Marinelife Opportunistic Survey between 10:08 and 17:09 hrs on board Capriole in association with Sea Watch SW.

Monday, 11 October 2010

France, Bay of St Brieuc
51 Balearic shearwater in the evening, and 1500 Balearic Shearwater in the Bay of St Brieuc (la cotentin, Planguenoual). Sighting reported by Laurent Thebault.

Balearic Shearwaters in Bay of St Brieuc (20/09/10)
Balearic Shearwaters in flight

France, La Pointe des Guettes in the Bay of St Brieuc
1,500 Balearic Shearwater, 350 Common Scoter, 12 Little Gull and 10+ Black Tern. Sighting reported by Bertram E.B. Bree, Jersey

Devon, Wembury Beach
6 Bottlenose Dolphin travelling east and 1 Grey Seal. Sighting reported by Dr Richard Billington.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Cancale, East of St Malo
Approx. 200 Balearic Shearwater, 1 Arctic Skua, Mediterranean Gull, Little Gull, 3 Little Tern, 10 Sandwich and Common Tern, a few Guillemot and Razorbill, Gannet, 4 Brent Geese, 1 Peregrine and 1 Merlin.  At Peid de la Chaine 2 Wheatear and 5 Mediterranean Gull.  Sightings reported by Bertram E.B. Bree, Jersey.

Juvenile Gannet and Balearic Shearwaters
St Malo – Portsmouth Ferry
25 Common Dolphin, 4 Balearic Shearwater, Sabine's Gull, 3 Black Tern, Sooty Shearwater, European Storm-petrel, 7 Little Gull and 2 Great Skua recorded between 10:30-18:15 by Tom Brereton.

Common Dolphin

Mid-Channel, approx. 40 miles SSE of Start Point
Chumming from a fishing boat produced Leach's Petrel (passing and not attracted to the chum), 40+ Storm-petrel, 6 Sabine's Gull ( all ads), 2 Little Gull (ad & juv), 30+ Great Skua, 2 Sooty Shearwater and 2 Balearic Shearwater.

Sabine's Gull
Sabine's Gull attracted by the chum
Sabine's Gulls and Storm-Petrels


Little Gulls (adult and juvenile)

Sooty Shearwater

Balearic Shearwater

Great Skuas attracted by chum

More images taken by Mark Darlaston during this trip can be seen at Devon Bird News Blog.

Dorset, West Bay
7 Bottlenose Dolphin encountered one mile offshore at 7:45 am. Sighting reported by Dave Sales.