Sunday, 29 August 2010

27th - 29th August 2010: Marinelife Surveys & Meetings with Seabird Experts in France to discuss Balearic Shearwaters in Channel
Marinelife's Research Director, Tom Brereton, met up with seabird experts Laurent Thebault, Pierre Yesou and Michel Plestan to discuss Balearic Shearwaters in the Channel. A number of Marinelife surveys were carried out along the Brttiany coast to increase our survey coverage in the region, highlights of the surveys are as follows:

29TH AUGUST 2010
Roscoff - Plymouth Ferry survey
8 Great Skua, 2 Arctic Tern, 1 juvenile Black Tern recorded by Tom Brereton 16:45 - 19:00.

Roscoff, Land-based Survey
15 Balearic Shearwater and 14 Mediterranean Gull were recorded by Laurent Thebault and Tom Brereton. Further details see Trektellen.

France, Brittany, Bay of Lannion
430+ Balearic Shearwater observed in the Bay of Lannion feeding on shoaling fish. Sighting by Laurent Thebeault and Tom Brereton.

Manx Shearwater on left with Balearic Shearwaters
28TH AUGUST 2010

France, Brittany, Bay of St Brieuc, Land-based Survey
7 Balearic Shearwater recorded by Pierre Yesou, Michel Plestan and Tom Brereton

27TH AUGUST 2010
Devon, Orcombe Point
5+ Dolphin species seen at Orcombe Point, Exmouth.  Sighting reported by Linda Parkhouse.

France, Brittany, Bay of Lannion
Ca. 450 Balearic Shearwater recorded feeding in the Bay by Laurent Thebault, Pierre Yesou and Tom Brereton, during a boat-based survey, 14:00 - 17:15.

See the feeding frenzy below:

Earlier 1000+ Balearic Shearwaters were in the Bay, seen from land.

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