Monday, 27 September 2010

Devon, Plymouth
Ca.30 Common Dolphin east of Eddystone, together with the accompanying wall to wall Gannets, were the highlight of an Opportunistic Survey out of Plymouth. Sightings recorded by David Curtis during an Opportunistic Survey on board C-Cheeta with skipper Geordie Dickson.

Cornwall, 1 mile SE of Coverack
30 Common Dolphin encountered 1 mile South East of Coverack. Sighting reported by Dan Gardner, Skipper of Blue Pointer, Helford.

Dorset, Hengistbury Head
15 - 20 Bottlenose Dolphin encountered close to shore feeding on mullet shoals coming out of Christchurch Harbour and also seen off Boscombe. Sighting reported by John Stevenson, skipper of Blue Duo, Poole. You can view a video of the Bottlenose Dolphins which were later seen off Boscombe on the Bournemouth Echo website.

Dorset, Portland
15 - 20 Bottlenose Dolphin including 3 or 4 calves encountered on the east side of Portland Bill. The group included one large adult with a distinct, almost cut-off dorsal fin with a flat top on it. Sighting reported by Lyle Stantiford, skipper of Supanova, Weymouth.

Devon, Lyme Bay
2 Harbour Porpoise and a Skua species encountered 11nm South of Seaton. Sighting reported by John Wallington, skipper of Outcast, Seaton.

Dorset, West Bay
2 Harbour Porpoise (mother and calf pair) surfaced twice near the boat this morning at 10:15 hours, travelling east. Sighting reported by Tony Smith, skipper of Christine Anne, West Bay.

Dorset, West Bay
At least 6 Bottlenose Dolphin were seen at 11:30 hours chasing a shoal of mackerel 1/2 mile off the coast at West Bay golf course. Sighting reported by Ivor Bending.

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