Thursday, 9 September 2010

Devon, Lyme Bay
Little Tern enoucntered 8nm South of Seaton during an angling trip. Sighting reported by John Wallington, skipper of Outcast, Seaton.

Cornwall, ~5nm ENE of Coverack
The bay is still full of mackerel with plenty of diving Gannet, at 15:45 on the way back to Falmouth, we saw 2 Sooty Shearwater resting on the water and at 16:10 we passed close to a flock of 60-70 Manx Shearwater sitting on the water. Sightings reported by Ken Dodgson, skipper of Leo1, Falmouth.

Sooty Shearwater, 15-30nm SE of Start Point, Devon 31/08/2010

Sooty Shearwater, 31/08/2010